Study of ODS failure in election not for public

24. 11. 2008 17:00
PM says he will insist on coalition program

Prague - The Civic Democratic Party (ODS), member of the ruling coalition, received the first part of an analysis which outlines the reasons why the party failed to perform in the recent election.

The analysis was discussed at Sunday's meeting of the party's executive board. 

ODS commissioned the post-election analysis after humiliating regional and Senate election trouncing in October. The study reportedly explains what mistakes the party did, what path it should take and how to conduct a better communication with the public.

Internal affairs

However, PM Mirek Topolánek refused to publish the analysis.

"I do not think that somebody should be interested in it and that we should be masochistic enough to disclose our internal problems to the public. We must solve this alone," Topolánek said in an interview for Aktuálně.cz, adding that ODS had commissioned more surveys of this type.

"In addition to hard data, these surveys should provide us with soft data that should describe the mood inside ODS," PM said.

After the elections, the coalition leaders said that the government will have to set its own priorities in what they can still achieve.

PM remains firm

The health care reform, tax system and controversial treaty with the US on radar base have proven to be painful for the government. Among the pending issues is also the pension system reform.

"If I am to stay here and if I am to remain PM, I will keep pressing for the reforms," Topolánek said.

"I will strictly insist on adherence of the coalition treaty and I will strictly insist on adherence to the program statement. I will not make any concessions in our coalition program," PM assured.

autor: CzechNews | 24. 11. 2008 17:00


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