Moravian wines do well at big contest in Bordeaux

29. 4. 2008 17:00
6 golden and 11 silver medals for Czech wines

Brno - Moravian wines have emerged victorious once again.

The Moravian wine producers have won 6 golden medals and 11 silver medals at one of the biggest international wine contests Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

The competition was tough; there was around 1,000 different wines. There were about 6,190 registered samples from 48 countries. 56 wine samples represented the Czech Republic.

This year the competition that took place in the city of wine Bordeaux, France.

Prestigious competition

There were 45 panels consisting of 240 tasting panelists.

The golden medals were won for example by Moravian winemaker Odřich Drápal for his straw wine, Petr Skoupil for his Merlot Barrique or Winery Mikrosvín Mikulov for its Gewurztraminer (Tramín červený).

Other Czech wine producing companies have succeeded as well, among the gold winners were also Bohemia Sekt and Znovín Znojmo.

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles contest first took place in 1994 in Bruges, Belgium during which saw "only" 861 samples competing at that time.

Since then the competition has taken place in different Belgian cities, having turned into one of the most respected wine contests.

Not the first time

Seventeen medals in Bordeaux is just another success story for Czech wine producers.

Moravian wines earned recognition also in a French wine contest Vinalies Internationales, which takes place annually in Paris.

The Czech Republic has thus taken the sixth place as for the number of medals won, having beaten world famous wine producing countries such as Australia and Chile.  



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autor: Tomáš Fránek | 29. 4. 2008 17:00

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