South Korean Hyundai faces fine for breaching law

Tomáš Fránek
5. 3. 2008 7:00
Construction office asks for demolition
Máte strojní vzdělání a umíte anglicky? V Nošovicích by vás chtěli zaměstnat!
Máte strojní vzdělání a umíte anglicky? V Nošovicích by vás chtěli zaměstnat! | Foto: Ondřej Besperát

Brno - South Korean carmaker Hyundai is violating law again.

Hyundai is building a new car plant in Nošovice in northern Moravia but it has been repeatedly breaching the construction permit.

The Construction Office in the town of Dobrá has started to investigate 8 constructions, which resulted in asking for their demolition. These are outside lighting, water piping and natural gas distribution main.

Backed-up by law

"Dobrá City Council´s Construction Office is to let you know that proceedings will be pursued to demolish the unauthorized constructions at your site, which are in conflict with the construction permit," said Václav Kocich in the official announcement to the company.  

These are not the first illegal constructions in Hyundai´s Nošovice premise.

In January 2008, Hyundai was fined an amount of 1 million CZK for breaching the Building Code. Two more penalties are to follow now.

"The Construction Office imposed a penalty in the maximum amount possible, taking into account all the company´s violations of the building permit," said the Office.

Hyundai has been under sharp criticism for its law violation.

Speeding up the construction

"Hyundai has breached the law a few times by now and it is truly difficult to believe it is only an exception this time," said lawyer of the GARDE Enviromental legal service organization Jiří Nezhyba.

Environmentalists claim Hyundai is probably rushing to meet their deadline to launch the production as soon as possible.

"The Construction Office should try to slow down the launching of the production, as it is obliged to request an immediate work suspension," added Jiří Nezhyba.


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