New Czech Prime Minister sworn in,coalition talks go on
28. 6. 2010 13:52
President and new PM: Ministers should be in office by mid-July
Petr Nečas has been just sworn in
Petr Nečas has been just sworn in | Foto: Reuters

Prague - Petr Nečas, the leader of the right-wing Civic Democratic Party (ODS), was sworn in as the Czech Republic's new Prime Minister. He was named into the post by Czech President Václav Klaus this morning, then he gave an oath as obliged by the constitution.

Nečas is the new PM in spite of the fact that his party came second in the poll, after the Social Democratic Party (ČSSD). However, the ODS is in much better position to form the government. The coalition with two minor parties, the conservative TOP 09 and center-right Public Affairs, is currently being negotiated. The three parties together control 118 out of 200 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. 

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Sixth PM since 2003

"I am sure the post is in the right hands. I am convinced that you will be able to form the government soon and bring here into this room 14, 15 ministers (to be sworn in). I am convinced you will manage to carry out this goal," said Klaus at the Prague Castle, the seat of the Czech President.

Klaus, who is the founder and former chairman of the ODS, added that he has known Nečas for many years and that he respects him. "I remember seeing him at the first electoral convention in 1992. And he made it to be the Prime Minister," said Klaus.

Klaus, who was elected president in 2003 and again in 2008, said that Nečas is the the sixth PM he has sworn in. "It is rather a lot. I would like to express my conviction that I will not sworn in the next PM," Klaus said, referring to the fact that his term ends in 2013. 

2011 budget "needed quickly"

"I can assure you that I will work very hard with my partners to form the government. We need a stable and efficient government. We need to be very active in preparing the budget for the next year," said Nečas.

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"People expect the government to do its work, instead of political bickering. It is my goal, too," Nečas added.

Nečas denounced "political bickering" only one day after Kristýna Kočí, a chief negotiator for the centrist Public Affairs with strong anti-corruption agenda, had said in the public-service Czech Television that the party will become a member of the coalition only providing that its chairman Radek John will be the Interior Minister. This created disillusion among the ODS and TOP 09.

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After the sworn-in, the president and the new PM talked for more than one hour. Nečas refused to give any details, saying it was a private conversation. However, they both accorded that by the middle of July, the ministers should be already in office.


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