Klaus refuses to sign amendment to same sex law

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26. 6. 2008 16:00
Bill regulates conditions for same sex partnership
Václav Klaus remains reserved about same sex partnerships
Václav Klaus remains reserved about same sex partnerships | Foto: Ludvík Hradílek

Prague - Czech President Václav Klaus is far from backing the idea of legally empowering same sex couples. Yet, his way of fighting the process may surprise many: he will do nothing.

That is the strategy he has decided to employ vis-a-vis the amendement to a law which regulates registered partnership for gay and lesbian couples.

"President Klaus will not use his constitutional power to return the law to the Lower Chamber," his secretary Ladislav Jakl informed on Wednesday. But he will not add his signature either, meaning the law automatically comes into force without his active participation.

Speaking for the head of state, Jakl further alleged that this is the "first step in the series of future steps he had anticipated when he vetoed the bill on same sex partnership [two years ago]."

That time, the lawmakers overrode Klaus´s veto.

No need to support same sex couples

"These steps will confuse the family law and make ties within same sex couples seem close to marriage. President Klaus doesn't support this development and refuses to take part," Jakl explained.

"The president believes that while the state has many reasons to grant privileges and exemptions to a married couple, there are no reasons to do the same with same sex couples," he added.

The amendment links law on registered partnership approved in 2006 with other laws that are related to it, such as law on ID cards, aid in material need and on birth registers.

The bill also makes it easier for foreigners to get married in the Czech Republic. The bill imposes only one duty upon the foreigners - produce a police certificate of their legal stay in the country.

"Sulking reaction"

Gay and Lesbian League representative Martin Strachoň reacted to the president's message:

"President Klaus has let us know again that a gay or lesbian partnership is an eyesore for him. Nevertheless, this law is only about adjusting some practical aspects, so there is no reason to declare disapproval in such a sulking way. However, Klaus probably understands that it would be narrow-minded to veto the law again and therefore he leaves it unsigned," Strachoň told Aktuálně.cz.


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