Czech Railways will hike fare from December

8. 10. 2008 12:00
Average fare will cost 7.5 percent more
Czech Railways gives green light to higher fares.
Czech Railways gives green light to higher fares. | Foto: Ondřej Besperát

Prague - The cost of train travel in the Czech Republic will from mid-December increase by 7.5 percent on average.

The national rail carrier, Czech Railways (ČD), says high inflation, growing energy prices and a higher VAT imposed in January are the main reasons for the move.

The hike will affect occasional passengers with regular fare as well as frequent travellers with discount plans.

All regular fares will see a blanket increase by CZK 2. Kilometrická banka, a booklet with 2,000 prepaid kilometres, will cost CZK 2,000 instead of CZK 1,800 today.

Finally, the fee for Zákaznická karta, a three-year discount plan for frequent passengers, will jump from CZK 600 to CZK 990; students aged 15-26 will be able to get one for CZK 330.

Czech Railways says it will in return give a 3 percent discount to those who buy fare outside traditional ticket offices.

"The price increase will be partly offset by new bonuses for customers buying fare on the internet, in vending machines or over the telephone," says ČD spokesman Ondřej Kubala.

He adds that existing prices for all fares and discount plans will remain in place until 13 December.


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