Czech court strikes down October election

10. 9. 2009 16:56
Czech lawmakers are working on another way to hold snap vote as soon as possible
The Brno-located Constitutional Court in action
The Brno-located Constitutional Court in action | Foto: Jan Langer

Brno - The Czech Constitutional Court struck down today early elections which were supposed to take place next month.

The Brno-based court upheld a complaint filed by one of the Czech lawmakers which argued that a decree cutting the four-year tenure of the chamber deputies by eight months short violated the Czech Constitution.

"The judges cancelled the law and a separate presidential decree setting the election date," head of the judge panel Pavel Rychetský said today.

The debate during the court session was sharply political. The judges asked questions concerning the collapse of the governement during its EU presidency, lawmakers' salaries and caretaker cabinet of Jan Fischer.

Lawyers Aktuálně.cz talked to hold different views of the debate.

According to Hana Marvanov, former lawmaker herself, the debate was "way too political". Dean of Prague Law Faculty, Aleš Gerloch said that the judges can pose any kind of questions.

Meanwhile, Czech MPs have launched talks on amending the constitution to allow for holding a snap election in early November.

The change in the Constitution would allow the chamber of deputies to dissolve itself and call for snap election. It could be dissolved as early as next week.


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