Why does secret service fear Russian spies?

20. 11. 2008 11:30
Why does Miroslav Šlouf visit the villa complex in Bubeneč that belongs to the Russian Federation
Miroslav Šlouf caught in action
Miroslav Šlouf caught in action | Foto: Aktuálně.cz

Prague - At a time when the secret service has intensified its warning against the activities of Russian spies on Czech territory and the relations with Moscow are tense because of the planned construction of the radar, the influential lobbyist Miroslav Šlouf regularly visits the buildings of the Russian federation.

Aktuálně.cz has photographs from one of his visits to the buildings.

Aktuálně.cz's editorial team has also gained evidence which shows that Miroslav Šlouf, who has recently started a campaign for the election of his friend Miloš Zeman as the country's next president and who was also involved in the election of the current head of state Václav Klaus in the spring, is a familiar figure in the Russian buildings located in the Bubeneč residential area.

While investigating the activities of Russian espionage in the Czech Republic, the daily Aktuálně.cz managed to record the repeated visits of influential lobbyists - Miroslav Šlouf is only one of them - to the seat of the Russian federation.

Warning signals

The Security Information Service has warned in its recent report that Russians are trying to acquire "influential channels" among politicians in Prague, among other things.

The intelligence service adds: "Another Russian secret service activity in 2007 was the collection of economic reporting and news assistance and support of Russian economic interests in the Czech Republic."

In addition to photographs, the employees of the buildings in Na Zátorce street have also directly confirmed that the right-hand man of the former Prime Minister Miloš Zeman and ČSSD's éminence grise Šlouf has visited the place. "He is not here today, but he does show up here from time to time," one of the receptionists confirmed last week.

The villa complex, which is in the ownership of the Russian federation according to the land registry, has been for years under the surveillance the Czech intelligence service. There is a suspicion that in reality it is used by Russian spies.

Miroslav Šlouf did not deny his visits to the buildings, but he tried to trivialise them. He says that he has been there some time a year ago for the last time. However, photographs available to Aktuálně.cz show that Šlouf was Na Zátorce, for example, this year in January.

"Can't you tell that I don't even know when I've been there for the last time? I would say that I have not even been there this year," Šlouf said.

And what was he actually doing with the Russians? Miroslav Šlouf says he goes to visit one of his acquaintances: "Last year he invited me for an event, where I stayed for a while with some of his friends."


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