Public farewell with Kaplický to take place next week

20. 1. 2009 15:00
The architect´s fans will have a chance to bid goodbye in Pražská křižovatka and demonstrate
Jan Kaplický
Jan Kaplický | Foto: Tomáš Adamec, Aktuálně.cz

Prague - The family of late Jan Kaplický has announced the date of the final farewell to the Czech-born architect.

The public will be able to bid farewell to Jan Kaplický on Tuesday 27 January in St. Anne's Church's Pražská křižovatka (Prague Crossroads), which was built based on an idea of former president Václav Havel.

"It will take place at 1 pm. We will announce the details later on after the family decides about them," Roman Zeman of Extender company that represents the family of Jan Kaplický.

The funeral is likely to take place this week but it will be private.

Jan Kaplický died unexpectedly on January 13. He collapsed on a street near Vítězné Square in Prague and the doctors were not able to save his life.

Demonstration afoot

Students from civic organization "Democracy builds" are planning to organize a commemoration gathering and a demonstration to demand the National Library be built according to Kaplický's design.

The demonstration is to take place on February 5. The place and time have not been confirmed yet, but it is likely to be held at Mariánské Square, the seat of the Prague City Hall.

Mayor of Prague Pavel Bém is infamous for opposing the blob construction. Interestingly, he was a member of the committee that selected the winning project in the international bid. As soon as Václav Klaus spoke against Kaplický's design, B0m changed his mind as well.

The organization formed via the community server facebook aims to promote modern architecture in the Czech Republic.


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