PM Topolánek anticipates Letná blob will not be built

28. 4. 2008 9:50
Other party leaders hold the same view

Praha - Czech PM Mirek Topolánek (Civic Democrats) added his voice to the growing chorus of those who reckon there will be no National Library built per Kaplický´s design in the Letná Plain.

In the poll conducted by a public service Czech TV program called 168 PM Mirek Topolánek said: "My assumption? Considering all the information I have I assume Kaplický´s library will not be built."

Communists´ party leader Vojtěch Filip and Social Democrats´ leader Jiří Paroubek hold a similar view.

Chairman of the Antimonopoly Office Martin Pecina is as sceptical as well.

"The construction won´t start any time soon, even though there are no barriers that would bar to start the construction works," said Pecina.

The Antimonopoly Office has commented on the National Library competition twice. The competition has been under heavy criticism from Kaplický´s competitors. 

Nonetheless, it is going to be Prague´s town hall that will decide whether Kaplický´s library will be built or not.

In case the project does get the green light, the Czech government would have to pay billions CZK for the construction.

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autor: Aktuálně.cz national news reporters | 28. 4. 2008 9:50

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