Facebook egg resistance group ends its activity

28. 5. 2009 15:07
Founder Matěj Forst calls on people to go to the ballot
Some of the egg throwers have adopted somewhat aggressive behavior
Some of the egg throwers have adopted somewhat aggressive behavior | Foto: Jan Langer

Prague - One of the original ways to get people to the ballot has just ended in the Czech Republic.

The Social Democrats (ČSSD) have been lately harangued by egg attackers with dozens of them hurled on Wednesday in an election campaign rally in Prague.

The intensification of the egg attacks has come following an establishment of a Facebook group, which was joined by over 50,000 users. The group, mostly consisting of young people, primarily aimed to punish Paroubek's party for engineering the fall of the government during its EU presidency.

Meanwhile, President Václav Klaus has condemned the attacks, calling on politicians as well as citizens not to attack the basic democratic principles.

"Go to vote" appeal

On Thursday the founder of the group called "Eggs for Paroubek in all the (Czech) cities" appealed to Czech citizens to stop the egg protests and closed down the Facebook group.

"I have to express my strong disagreement with what has happened on May 27, 2009 in Prague," Matěj Forst, the author of the "resistance" group, wrote in a statement published Thursday morning.

"Mr. Paroubek has reaped what he has sowed but the unconditional aggression makes us look the same like him," Forst adds.

According to the organizers further continuation of the egg attacks would result in losing sympathizers the egg-protest group has gained or making the entire issue political, which is something they would like to prevent.

In his statement, Forst also expressed hope the egg incidents will make people go to vote, which is the only tool to influence anything in the politics.

"Go to the ballot, we always have a chance to change things," Forst appeals to the Czechs in his Facebook letter.


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