Ever changing Prague: Bold visions, radical proposals

Hana Vorlíčková
10. 4. 2008 15:00
Forlorn areas will turn into new biz-zones
Prague castle. No proposals for radical reconstruction... yet
Prague castle. No proposals for radical reconstruction... yet | Foto: Ondřej Besperát, Aktuálně.cz

Prague - The city of Prague may get a completely new shape in the near future.  

Right now all Prague municipalities are compiling their ideas and proposals how to develop the city. They will send these to Prague's city council  that is to draw the urban development plan of Prague with the help of the proposals.

With not all the proposals submitted yet, it is already clear that the city may undergo significant changes in some localities.

Decongestion aim

Let´s take, for example, Vinohradská Street. It is to be extended in order to reach the Wenceslas Square. Behind the main train station new houses will rise and trams might be going through the Wenceslaw square yet again, as it used to in past.

A reconstruction of Těšnov (around Florenc area) is planned, as well.

The main north-south artery is to become narrower and will be underground. Thus the road leading in front of the National Museum is to connect directly to the Wenceslaw Square.

Břevnov radial road is to go underground too. A new bridge crossing the Vltava river is to be built - it is supposed to be located between the Railway and Barrandov bridges.

All these measures are aimed at one goal - decongestion of Prague´s downtown.

The project to build a new line of Prague metro that will link central areas of the city with southern parts might too undergo some changes.

Currently, the planned Line D is expected to cross Náměstí míru but the Prague 10 authorities would like to move the line eastwards, so it would cross either Jiřího z Poděbrad or Flóra.

The Line A of the Prague metro will be extended, so the Dejvická stop won't be the terminal station anymore.

New parts and biz-zones

After 2010, the city of Prague will have a number of new facilities and quarters.

Old industrial parts of Žižkov are going to host new administrative and commercial centers, parks, but also housing for about seven thousands inhabitants.

Nové Vysočany, Bubny railway station, or an area between Rohanský Island and Libeň are other localities that are discussed by projectors and might be used for new administrative and commercial zones.

Military and warehouse areas in Ruzyně may turn into an area of campuses with new flats and squares. Current student housing dormitories in Strahov are going to be transformed into new flat buildings, with students moving to new areas in Ruzyně.

 One of the major change will be a new quarter between Stodůlky and Řeporyje.

The so-called "Western zone" with offices, sport areas, parks, shops and roughly ten thousands of flats is to be completed in 15 years. Its central square is expected to cover as large an area as the Wenceslas Square.

Letňany may see a new sport facility emerge. It could be used for an Olympic event, should ever the Czech Republic be granted to host the Games.


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