Czech foxes protected by law. Bill remains vetoed

Martina Macková
12. 3. 2008 14:30
Czech MPs fail to overturn president Klaus's veto

Prague - Members of the Parliament didn't manage to overvote president Klaus´s veto of animal cruelty law.

It was necessary for the MPs to collect 101 votes to put through the law that would among other things enable foxes to be used as unprotected live bait for training of hunting dogs.

Out of 174 MPs that were present at the voting, only 86 voted for the law. Thirty-nine were against the bill.

Before the vote, the Minister of Agriculture Petr Gandalovič promised that the practice of using foxes as live baits is going to be banned by a special amendment and therefore there was, allegedly, no reason to vote against the bill.

"It will be a very short amendment, one sentence that will ban the practice. But now, please, vote for the law," appealed Gandalovič to the MPs - unsuccessfully.

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"Useful improvements" as well

The law was unanimously voted against by the Green Party, also the majority of the Christian Democratic Party (KDU-ČSL) didn't vote for the proposal.

The largest share of the law's supporters was drawn from the Social Democratic (ČSSD) and Civic Democratic (ODS) parties. Communists (KSČM) were in favor of the law.

Minister Gandalovič was eager the bill to be passed, as it contained some articles requested by the EU.

"In case the parliament won't approve the usage of foxes as live baits, it will veto 187 useful amendments at the same time," explained Minister Gandalovič.

"As said before by President Klaus, we want to initiate an across-society debate and find solutions to some debatable issues. However, at this time, the approval of the law is priority," said Gandalovič before the vote. 

The law, for example, would have made punishments for animal maltreatment stricter or initiated a necessity of exotic animals and dogs caught by municipalities to be marked with electronic chips.


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