Court rules compensation for two CzechTek fans

9. 7. 2008
A number of cases still pending and controversial

Praha - Two of the techno fans that attended the now-legendary techno party CzechTek 2005 can feel satisfied. 

Prague city court ruled today the Interior Ministry has to apologize to Ondřej Holous and Pavel Kuchař and pay a compensation of CZK 10,000 and 20,000 for throwing a gas candle into their car.

The CzechTek party, which has since become a household name far outside the isolated techno and rave scene, took place in fields close to Mlýnce in the region of Tachov, Western Bohemia in July 2005.

The illegally held open-air rave was dispersed by police in a large-scale operation, during which dozens of techno fans and also policemen were injured. Acting on the orders of the Minister of Interior the police in riot gear used truncheons and shields, water cannons and tear-gas.

The decision to break up the party with police force rocked the country and divided Czech public as well as politicians and the issue was debated up and down the country.

Former president Václav Havel was even invited to become mediator between the organizers and Czech lawmakers who vehemently defended their decision to use force.

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Controversies remain

A number of issues around 2005 CzechTek still remain unresolved and somewhat controversial.

The case of Romana Krátká who had her lung injured by one of the attacking policemen was officially closed with the attacker unpunished. The police argue it is impossible to find the policeman now.

The young woman even failed to receive any compensation from the Interior Ministry.

Four policemen stay unpunished for kicking and brutally beating a young man who was lying on the ground. The TV shot showing the helpless young man made the headlines around the world.

Tens of other cases were filed as closed. Allegedly, they were either too general or the attacker could not be identified.

"Both sides guilty"

Ombusdman Otakar Motejl who launched an independent investigation of the violent police dispersion of the party claimed in his report mistakes were committed on both sides.

"It was not a black and white situation however contradictarily described by both parties of the conflict," said Motejl.

Motejl labeled the police crack down as inadequate and too brutal. The police should have used other means than force.

On other hand, the organizers should have rented a bigger lot, as it was clear they would trespass to the neighboring lots. 

autor: Markéta Chaloupská

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