Prague pubs after 20 years of free market: What's left

Prague pubs after 20 years of free market: What's left
But only for a while. Currently, the Slavic Pub no longer exists.
SMÍCHOVSKÝ SKLÍPEK, Národní 31, Prague 1. Another site that had to give way to Prague's booming tourism-driven modernization.
U RYCHTÁŘE, Dlouhá 2, Prague 1. The pub on the corner of the Dlouhá street and the Old Town Square was nicknamed "The Coffins", because Prague's funeral service had its seat right next to it. The pub has converted into a "bed lounge", which allows for some more cynical parallels, since the funeral service has its seat still at the same place.
U ROTUNDY, Karolíny Světlé, Prague 1. Beer now costs CZK 24 (approximately one euro), which is 9.6 times more than in 1989 when the price was 2.50. And, the pub has a new LCD television. Apart of this, the Rotunda pub looks mostly unchanged, preserving the original atmosphere.
Foto: Miroslav Fokt - Archiv Muzea hl. m. Prahy
Jan Lipold Jan Lipold
27. 1. 2011 12:23

Twenty years ago started the first wave of post-communist privatization of state-owned property that changed the landscape of Czech pubs and restaurants forever. In Prague, due to the tourist boom in the 1990s and 2000s, this process was especially intense.


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