ČRo Council clears Radio Wave of promoting fascism

11. 11. 2008 16:30
Board members misinterpreted song Swastika Eyes by Primal Scream
Stará technika ve staré funkcionalistické budově.
Stará technika ve staré funkcionalistické budově. | Foto: Tomáš Adamec, Aktuálně.cz

Praha - Members of the public service Czech Radio Council (ČRo) admitted that they were wrong when accusing Radio Wave of promoting fascism.

"The Radio Wave appraiser that cautioned the ČRo Council was wrong in his criticism of Radio Wave and the Council members were thus misguided," says the members' statement.

Radek Vogl, economist, submitted an incorrect translation of a song "Swastika Eyes" by British band Primal Scream. Vogl labeled the band "rap-metal", claiming the song promotes fascism.

Rudolf Medek, ČRo programme director, also earned criticism owing to his unflattering remark: "In my view this minority group [Radio Wave listeners] does not represent the future of this nation, or just scarcely," said Medek at the end of October. Many, including his colleagues, urged him to resign.

Radio Wave was founded by Czech Radio with the aim to air alternative music and culture for young people.

No bonus

"Due to the incorrect translation and wrong categorization of the band the appraiser [Radek Vogl] will not receive a bonus and the Council is ready to act," says the Councils' statement.

The Council also objected against the way media reported about the case. They consider it as inadequate and misinterpreting. "Whatever has been presented in the media as the minutes from the ČRo Council's meeting is in fact only an extract from the ČRo Council members' debate held on 23 October 2008."

The ČRo Council dismisses the allegation of being incompetent. "The current members of the ČRo Council have deep knowledge of media and culture, which can be attested by their education as well as long-term experience and work in the field," claims the Council.

Future of the nation

Meanwhile, Tuesday will see a public debate about the case of Radio Wave at 5 pm in Theatre Archa, based on an initiative of Digizone.cz. Rudolf Medek, ČRo programme director, Václav Kasík, ČRo CEO and Radio Wave representatives have been invited to share their views. 

Following the debate, a concert will be held in Prague´s Roxy club under a motto "I am not the future of this nation", organized by non-formal association of Wave fans. Bands like 100°C and Ohm Square are to perform at the concert.


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