New Škoda Superb officially introduced in Geneva

5. 3. 2008 10:00
Second-generation Superb to hit CZ market soon

Geneva - The Czech car-maker and part of the Volkswagen Group Škoda Auto disclosed the price of the new version of Škoda Super.

The second-generation Superb model has made its world debut at the Geneva International Motor Show this week, while it is to hit the Czech market in June this year.

The price for the basic version with a gasoline motor of the 1.4 liter volume is to be 619,000 CZK, announced Monday Škoda Auto spokesperson Evžen Krauskopf on Monday at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

German customers will be able to buy the car in June as well. "We would like to grab a bigger part of the most important markets in the world too," said Krauskopf to the Czech press agency.

The production of the current Superb version is to be halted this month. Since its introduction to the market, 130,000 cars have been sold.


The four-wheel drive 3,6 FSI V6 Superb version with 191 kW motor was introduced at  Geneva's show too. This type should be a fair competition to Ford MOndeo or VW Passat.

In the eco-version called GreenLine, the Superb GreenLine will accompany the previous eco-versions besides Fabia GreenLine and Octavia MultiFuel. GreenLine Superb will have a 1.9 TDI PD DPF/77 engine with emissions of CO2 136 g/km.

There are four engines to choose from: two petrol and two diesels, producing 140 to 260 bhp.

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Safer and bigger

The new Superb model has also an improved safety - it has nine airbags.

It is also going to offer a generously sized interior, including the trunk. At 4,838mm long and 1,783mm wide, the new Superb is 35mm longer and 18mm wider than its predecessor, so the car offers  more space for passengers.

On top of that, it has a special door system called Twindoor, which allows the owner to use the car either as a sedan or as a liftback.

Six engines are to be on offer - three gasoline and three diesel - with outputs ranging from 105bhp to 260bhp. There will be a selection of manual or DSG transmissions.

Journalists and experts had a first chance to see the new advanced Superb version on Tuesday at Geneva´s show. The public is to get the same opportunity on Thursday.

autor: Aktuálně.cz Business Reporters | 5. 3. 2008 10:00

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