Going with the wind. Czechs export to Russia, China

21. 1. 2008 16:30
Czech wind power plant business is flourishing

Brno - Aside from controversies and protests, expansion of wind energy in the Czech Republic brings millions of euro in profits to domestic companies and new jobs for hundreds of Czechs.

And what more, experts see this trend continuing in the future.

There is already one world primacy Czechs wind energy industry enjoys - a company Pilsen Steel (established from Pilsen Škoda motor works) is the world's biggest producer of crankshafts for wind farms.

Taming the wind. Globally 

Czech made parts are used in wind farms all over the world. Wikov MGI from Hronov, in Eastern part of the country, has signed a contract for 50 change gearboxes to be used in Chinese wind farms. The firm is expected to get a profit of more than 17 million euro (440 million CZK).

"Part of the contract is a commodity option for another 250 pieces," assured the Wikov MGI representatives when signing the contract.

Wikov is one of the Czech companies that plan to produce whole wind farms, not only their parts. Companies ČKD Blansko and ČKD New Energo have already done this.

ČKD Blansko produces the Czech Republic's most effective wind farms. The company has a 7 million euro contract to produce windmills with wattage of 2 x 3 megawatts in Pchery in central Bohemian Region.

Company ČKD New Energo is to manufacture wind farms for Falcon Capital's commission to build wind-powered plants in the Republic of Kalmykia of Russia.

More commissions to come

According to the Czech Mladá Fronta Dnes daily, the investment is expected to be as high as 1.5 billions euro (40 billions CZK).
So far, ČKD New Energo avoided any comments.

"There are things to be discussed yet," said managing director Karel Galuška.

Experts agree that in the coming years, we will see more commissions for wind farms granted to Czech firms.

There are plans for dozens of new plants to be built in the Czech Republic.

"It appears that Czech engineering companies are able to adapt themselves to the market demands and offer quality products," says economist Pavel Raška.

autor: Tomáš Fránek | 21. 1. 2008 16:30

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