Czech designers present future vision of power poles

13. 11. 2009 15:00
Utility poles can decorate the landscape, not disturb it
Inspirace: ne zas tak dávná pohraniční minulost.
Inspirace: ne zas tak dávná pohraniční minulost. | Foto: Martin Přibík

Prague - Five Czech designers presented a new image of electric power distribution poles. Their vision of the future utility poles is based on making the Czech landscape more interesting, not disturbing it.

"We liked their [the designers's] idea and we have taken it as part of the debate about the company's future visions," said Jana Jabůrková of the ČEPS company, the utility poles operator.

Routing wire and cable overhead is less expensive than underground power transmission, therefore the above-the-ground version will stay an option even in the future.

"Underground electric power transmission is about seventeen times more expensive than overhead power lines. These costs would make electricity much more expensive," Jabůrková told Aktuálně.cz.

Sweden is the only country in Europe that uses modern designs for electric power poles. 


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