Prague public transport SMS tickets awarded

7. 4. 2008
Foto: Ondřej Besperát
Market as the most useful internet service

Hradec Králové - Prague Public Transport Co. Inc. (DPP) has been awarded with the Český zavináč (Czech at-sign, or Czech @) prize for its SMS ticket system that enables to pay for public transport via mobile phone.

The award was handed over to Kateřina Poláková who coordinated the project and assistant manager of the company Radek Zamrazil.

The award-giving ceremony opened the international conference in Hradec Králové called Internet in State and Autonomy administration.

DPP's SMS ticket system was chosen from tens of projects offering public services through internet technologies.

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"A service available to all"

"The award goes to a service available indeed to all," assured Tomáš Renčín, the director of the Český zavináč company.

"Given that there are in average 1.5 mobile phones on one citizen in the Czech Republic, what remains is really a minimal group of those without a mobile phone. Thus this service is perfect in the sense that in practice, everyone can use it," added the director.  

According to DPP´s technical director Radek Zamrazil, their project's aim was to ensure passengers can get a ticket anytime, anywhere.

"We realized this and since January, in average 20 thousand people have used this system every day," informed Zamrazil.

"In addition, we have conducted a research that shows 17 per cent increase of paying passengers. Another benefit is that 60 per cent of those that use this service are people that haven't been paying for public transport before. Tickets via mobile phone thus radically reduced the number of non-paying passangers," added the technical director.

Towards e-state?

Apart from the SMS ticket project, the finals also saw a project by the Czech Office for Mapping and Register, which has implemented a new way of real estate register and new register map services, and last but not least a project called CzechPoint which enables people to get their criminal records via internet.

The very first award was granted to then Minister of Justice Otakar Motejl for his efforts to make the register of companies accessible online. 

In 2000, the jury awarded the Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies for digitalizing all the stenographic records from the proceedings of the members of parliament and senate since 1918.

autor: Jiří Máslo | 7. 4. 2008

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