Police prevent another attack on Litvínov Roma

20. 10. 2008 14:30
Far right group stopped by riot police outside Romani neighbourhood
Police chasing those who managed to break through the cordon.
Police chasing those who managed to break through the cordon. | Foto: Stanislav Krupař

Litvínov - About 300 supporters of the far-right non-parliamentary groups Národní odpor (National Resistance) and Dělnická strana (Workers' Party) rallied in the centre of the north Bohemian town of Litvínov on Saturday 18 October.

The crowd later marched towards the Janov neighbourhood in an attempt to clash with the local Romani community, but was stopped by riot police.

Three radicals were arrested, two of them on charges of attacking police officers. One policeman had to be taken to hospital after a cobblestone thrown by one of the perpetrators hit his face.

On the other side of the police barrier gathered about 200 local Roma, supported by anarchists and other far-left radicals.

A special conflict resolution team was deployed by the police, designed to prevent an escalation of violence at demonstrations or sports events. On Saturday in Litvínov, the team had to calm down both sides.

Two weeks ago, the police prevented a similar conflict in the Janov neighbourhood, where 70 Roma armed with sticks, golf clubs and axe handles were facing an approaching crowd of Workers' Party supporters.

The far-right group then used video footage from this incident, accompanied by mottos including "Czechs are daily targets of Gipsy attacks" and "Litvínov is our town!" to encourage more neo-nazis to join the second rally this past Saturday.


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