New party uses internet to choose euro-elex leaders

13. 3. 2009 16:30
The Party of Free Citizens members are challenged to chat with 27 candidates to get to know them
In the footsteps of Václav Klaus. Petr Mach, head of the Party of Free Citizens
In the footsteps of Václav Klaus. Petr Mach, head of the Party of Free Citizens | Foto: Ludvík Hradilek

Prague - New right-wing party - Party of Free Citizens - headed by Petr Mach is using an internet to choose their candidates for the forthcoming European Parliament (EP) election that will take place in June this year.

Following disputes over the Civic Democratic Party's direction, Mach left the party in order to establish a new party that would be more right leaning. He is an executive director of the Center for Economics and Politics (CEP) which was founded by Czech president Václav Klaus.

The Party of Free Citizens (PFC) has around 500 members at the moment and another 500 are waiting to be acknowledged a membership.

The party has nominated 27 candidates for the EP election. Whoever is going to be the leader of the PFC ballot will be decided by its members via internet.

"The reason why we chose this model is that we want to prevent what happened in other parties - the best do not get at the top of the ballot," said Mach.

The PFC registered members can vote their candidate via the party's web site as of today. All the candidates published their CVs and photographs. The vote is due to close on March 25.

The party members have a chance to exchange their views in an online discussion forum reserved only for them.

"We challenge our members to use all possible means to get to know the candidates," said Mach. "Use an online chat and attend regional meetings etc, so we can choose the best ones," he added.

President Klaus sent a message to small parties not to split and try to act as one. Petr Mach has  earlier said he would like to unite with a major political party.


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