Czech right-wing parties to form coalition government

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3. 6. 2010 12:22
Social Democrats already admitted they have no real chance to form a stable government
The leaders (from left to right). Radek John (Public Affairs), Petr Nečas (ODS), Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09)
The leaders (from left to right). Radek John (Public Affairs), Petr Nečas (ODS), Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09) | Foto: Ludvík Hradilek

Prague - We want to form a coalition government together. That is the conclusion of the first meeting of three Czech center-right parties that control 118 out of 200 seats in the Lower Chamber after the legislative elections that took place on 28 and 29 May 2010.

Negotiators from the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), TOP 09 and Public Affairs met together for the first time after two days of bilateral meetings. And they signed a joint declaration expressing their will to agree on a majority coalition of „fiscal responsibility, rule of law and fight against corruption".

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The idea of a minority government of the ODS and TOP 09 tolerated by the Public Affairs is thus definitely ruled out. The former two parties clearly expressed that this option, suggested by the Public Affairs, is unacceptable for them.

In addition, the election's winner Czech Social Democratic Party has already admitted it has no real chance to form a stable government.

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Petr Nečas, whose ODS has the strongest electoral support of the three parties, met today with Czech president Václav Klaus in order to inform him about the progress in post-election negotiations. Although it was speculated that Klause would charge Nečas with forming a government, this did not happen.

According to the Czech constitution, the Czech president decides who will be charged with forming the government. Traditionally, it is the leader of the party with the biggest share of votes, however Klaus might decide otherwise.

Only declaration, not final agreement

All leaders expressed satisfaction about the meeting.

However, neither of them was willing to say that the coalition is already agreed upon. Rather, they kept saying that the declaration is only an expression of their political will to form a government, and it is not sure when will a final agreement be reached, or whether it will be reached at all.

Expert groups

The ODS, TOP 09 and Public Affairs agreed on forming seven expert groups that will create the government program.

„The first group will focus on public budget, mandatory expenses, and social and pension politics, the second on medical care, the third on foreign and defense policy and the EU, the fourth on law, justice, and public administration, the fifth on education, science and research, the sixth on environment and agriculture and the seventh on entrepreneurship and its support," said leader of the ODS Petr Nečas.

In addition, there will be a sort-of super-group that will be coordinating the groups and eventually will write the whole government program.


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