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Floods in Central Europe "caused by melting Arctic ice"

Czech Insider
10. 6. 2013 10:00
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Beaufort Sea
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Floods in Central Europe "caused by melting Arctic ice"

Weather - "The latest research shows that weather extremes in Central Europe and in the entire northern hemisphere are connected to changes in the Arctic," said Slovak climatologist Jozef Pecho to the SME.sk website. The weather in Europe "is hard to predict and it is changing extraordinarily quickly. Inflows of cold air are usually followed by periods of extremely high temperatures, be it in winter or summer," said Pecho... (read more here).


Eyewitness: "Turkish police shot teargas at people from helicopters"

Istanbul - "I was on my way back from a business trip via Istanbul on Friday (31 June), I spent there two days and it was really an intense experience. The quantity of teargas police managed to use against protesters was unbelievable. They even shot teargas at people from a helicopter. I was in the hotel with a former Libyan sniper, who had been shot three times during the fights in Misrata, and even for him it was very intense," said Janovsky... (read more here).


Floods may boost voter support for ruling ODS

Behind the scenes - Political scientist Tomas Lebeda at the Palacky University of Olomouc believes that the floods may boost the popularity of the ODS. Something similar happened after the natural disaster in 2002.

"The floods (in 2002) increased the confidence in the government of Vladimir Spidla and local elections in the fall went relatively well for them," said Lebeda.

According to Lebeda, natural disasters actually present a chance for politicians... (read more here).




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Nemocný muž zmizel jen v tričku. Našla ho na Olomoucku řidička

Policie našla sedmadvacetiletého nemocného muže, který dnes ráno opustil centrum Vincentinum ve Šternberku na Olomoucku pouze v tričku. Muž, který je epileptik a mohl být v ohrožení života, byl vypátrán v nedalekých Bohuňovicích na Olomoucku. Je v pořádku, uvedla policie na Twitteru.

Muž odešel z centra dnes před 08:00. Našel se po výzvě, kterou policisté zveřejnili. "Díky ní si pohřešovaného všimla řidička v nedalekých Bohuňovicích. V bundě půjčené od policistů se tak vrátil zpět do místa bydliště," uvedla policie.

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