Czech mothers to get higher maternity pay

5. 1. 2009 13:40
Mothers and/or fathers with high salaries will receive almost a double parental allowance

Prague - Czech mothers that will give birth in 2009 will see a higher maternity leave allowance. Mothers with above-average salaries will receive almost a double of the state contribution.

The allowance has increased from CZK 14,370 up to CZK 28,890. Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Petr Nečas said that the salary basis from which the amount of the monthly allowance is counted has increased from CZK 24,000 up to 71,000.

Thus mothers who have mothly salaries around 40,000 will receive now a maternity pay worth CZK 22,350 instead of CZK 14,370.

"The change in the child care reform also concerns fathers who want to stay home with their kids instead of mothers," added Minister Nečas. Fathers can apply for parental leave the 7th week after the birth. Shared parental leave was introduced by the government to boost the role of Czech fathers in order to help increase the country's birth rate.

The financial support is traditionally being paid from sickness payment. If mothers fail to pay monthly fees, they are not entitled to claim the maternity leave allowance. This is often omitted by businesswomen since paying for sickness insurance is voluntary.

"Mothers are often not aware that the maternity leave allowance is paid from this sickness payment," consultant Jaroslav Novotný said for Aktuálně.cz.

But mothers that do not pay for their sickness insurance will receive the maternity pay too. They will get CZK 7,600, which is the minimal parental allowance that any mother gets after she finishes her maternity leave and decides to stay home.

In addition, the social reform package that has come into effect in January 2009 introduces shared care of a sick child. Fathers can stay home with an ill child in case mothers need to return to work or become ill. According to this package fathers can also take a week-long leave to care for a fresh-born child.

Maternity pay in 2009 (in CZK):

Gross salary* Maternity pay 2008 * Maternity pay 2009
10,000 6,840  6,930
15,000 10,230 10,380
20,000 12,750 13,830
25,000 14,370 16,980
30,000  14,370 19,050
35,000  14,370 21,120
40,000  14,370 22,350
45,000  14,370 23,370
50,000  14,370 24,390
60,000  14,370 26,460
70,000 14,370 28,560
80,000 14,370 28,890
100,000 14,370 28,890

autor: CzechNews | 5. 1. 2009 13:40


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