Czech Bonnie and Clyde: not clear who killed escapee

12. 11. 2009
The runaway couple was free for 30 hours

Plzeň - The runaway prisoner who was intercepted by the police on Wednesday night was not killed by the police.

Police spokesperson Martina Lídlová has confirmed the information.

"The autopsy showed that it was a different gun that killed Tauchen. The Czech police don't use this kind of gun," said the spokeswoman.

There are two possible versions at the moment: either Pavel Tauchen shot himself in the head shortly before the police opened fire at him and his wife. The other option is that Dagmar Tauchenová shot her 42-year old husband by mistake. The case is now under investigation.

During the shoot-out Tauchenová was severely injured and was taken to the Plzeň hospital. The doctors say she is out of danger now.

The "chronic" crime offender and safe breaker Pavel Tauchen was sentenced to five years earlier this month.

On Tuesday Tauchenová helped the prisoner to escape when she opened fire on the prison guards who were taking her husband to the local hospital. She faces up to 15 years in prison.

The couple, dubbed "Czech Bonnie and Clyde" by Czech media, was hiding in a village near the south-Bohemian city of Strakonice. Their freedom lasted for 30 hours.

autor: CzechNews | 12. 11. 2009


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