Trial with tyrants torturing children continues

Lenka Smyčková
18. 6. 2008 13:20
Aunt of tortured boys says her sister lies
Kateřina Mauerová says her sister is lying
Kateřina Mauerová says her sister is lying | Foto: Ondřej Besperát

Brno - Whereas the first day of the trial with tyrants who tortured two little boys was full of confessions and tears, today's continuation of the trial is entirely different.

Kateřina Mauerová, sister of Klára Mauerová, the mother of the tortured boys, was the next accused who appeared before the court this morning.

"Whatever my sister Klára said yesterday is a lie," stated Kateřina Mauerová. She did not specify however what she meant by that.

Klára Mauerová confessed Tuesday she tortured her two sons with the help of her friends as well as her sister starting in summer 2006 and lasting through May 2007 in a small town of Kuřim in southern Moravia.

Judge Pavel Göth
Judge Pavel Göth | Foto: Attila Racek

Something odd in the air

Kateřina Mauerová mentioned there was something strange happening around Klára Mauerová and Barbora Škrlová.

"Things have got out of our hands and just slipped too far. We were not able to control them any more. We did not know how to respond adequately and how to stop the whole process," said Kateřina Mauerová. Having said that, she then used her right not to testify any more.

The next accused Hana Bašová, employee of the children's house called Paprsek (Sun Beam), did not appear at the court today again.

In her previous statements she claimed she had not committed any crime.

"Ondřej and Jakub [the tortured boys] used to come to our organization to take part in skill learning clubs. They would use the toilet normally, I have never noticed anything strange about them," stated Bašová not long ago.

Jan Turek: ´I did not torture them´

Jan Turek, a friend of Škrlová, Bašová and Škrla, refused any complicity in the torture.

Barbora Škrlová remains the most mysterious of them all
Barbora Škrlová remains the most mysterious of them all | Foto: Ondřej Besperát

However, Turek was the one who provided the dog cages in which the two boys were imprisoned and forced to sleep naked with no food or drink.

Turek was also supposed to put bags over the boys´ heads together with Mauerová, then tie them up and use sharp objects to mutilate the boys.

"I have never tortured any children in my life," Turek resolutely stated. "I did lend the dog cages to Klára Mauerová but I did not know it was for torturing the kids. If I had known that, I would have never lent the cages to her," added Turek.

On top of that, Turek claimed Czech police did not treat him correctly and made him sign testimonies that did not say the truth.

Barbora the Impostor

The today´s trial also saw the most mysterious person in the entire Kuřim case Barbora Škrlová speaking publicly for the first time.

33-old Škrlová alias Anička claims that Klára Mauerová, Kateřina Mauerová and Hana Bašová were abusing her for the period of five years.

Hana Bašová and Klára Mauerová were allegedly beating her, torturing her, giving her drugs and continuously raping her using sharp objects.

Škrlová also spoke of "clients", the number of which was to be high, according to her. These clients were to abuse the two boys as well.

Klára Mauerová refused Škrlová´s testimony saying she hurt her sons under the influence of a mysterious doctor.  

The story remains even more of a conundrum, as the police report states Škrlová is still a virgin.

CzechNews will regularly update the Kuřim case.

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