Prague's new Central Park: Don´t inquire the price

Jan Langer
4. 2. 2010 18:37
The Central Park is Prague's newest luxury residential complex. Most of the flats are still waiting for their buyers who are likely to be foreigners.
Foto: Jan Langer

Prague - It is official: the capital city of the Czech Republic has its own Central Park. Only, it is not really a park but a new luxury residential complex, and it is not in the city center but in Žižkov - one of the older Prague city parts known for its working-class history, English-speaking expatriate community as well as high number of pubs and bars that make for vivid nightlife atmosphere.

However, Žižkov's Central Park will not be for everybody - flats cost hundreds of thousands of euro each. If you think you might be interested, there is no rush for you - although many of the flats were booked two years ago, most of the flats are still waiting for buyers that do not seem to be quite lining up. Those who already own a flat in the Central Park often use them as a sort of hotel room for their short-time stays in the city of a hundred spires.


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