No sugar cubes but smelly cheese for EU campaign

15. 9. 2008 9:00
Coalition MP proposes a different product to use

Prague - Opponents of the new Czech government advertising campaign for the upcoming Czech presidency came out with their own ideas on the TV spots. 

One of them is to entirely stop the campaign. The campaign that features Czech celebrities and a sugar cube in a bittersweet TV spot caused lots of controversy for its ambigious message.

The logo of the campaign literally means "We will make it sweeter for Europe" but as an idiom, it means as much as "We will give Europe hard time".

Author of the campaign, Minister for European Affairs Alexander Vondra has already endured lots of critics from the government coalition partners.

Now, coalition MP Jan Březina decided to share also his personal opinion.

"If we are to be proud for the invention a sugar cube that is connected to the Czech lands, we do not have any reasons to be happy about the fact that a sugar cube is not Czech anymore, but French or German. Those are the countries where we currently import our sugar from," the MP said, blaming the EU agriculture policies for killing the Czech sugar refining industry.

Sugar cubes are hurting us!

With his critical approach, Březina goes even further than the Christian Democrats who publically distanced themselves from the campaign.

"It is not enough to distance ourselves from the sugar cube campaign. We need to make the government stop the campaign entirely because it is hurting Czech interests. I think that distancing is too soft of an approach," Březina says.

In his opinion, the Christian Democratic Party should have listened to its regional organizations and initiated a coalition meeting to discuss the campaign.

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Campaign for smelly cheese protection

Březina also came out with his own alternative text for the campaign that plays on a similar note as the sugar cube spots.

He suggests to use a type of smelly cheese from the town of Olomouc (known as Olomoucké tvarůžky) instead of sugar cubes. "Europe will get to feel and smell us" should be the new slogan in his opinion.

"The double meaning would not hurt anyone and we would also be able to kill two birds with one stone."

Březina believes that this kind of message would express the Czech self-confidence without attacking the EU.

At the same time, it would also point out that the Czech special smelly cheese is currently facing a big fight with its German and Austrian imitations about the protected geographical indication.

"And this fight should culminate around the time of the Czech EU presidency," adds  Březina.

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autor: national news reporters | 15. 9. 2008 9:00

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