Heparin killer found guilty, receives life sentence

Jiří Máslo
21. 2. 2008 12:30
Ex-nurse found cold-blooded with no respect for life
Motionless and as if it did not concern him..
Motionless and as if it did not concern him.. | Foto: Jiří Máslo

Hradec Králové - The heparin killer Petr Zelenka will spend the rest of his life in prison. He was found guilty of 7 murders and 10 attempted murders.

Former nurse Petr Zelenka, having worked at an intense care unit of a hospital in east-Bohemian town of Havlíčkův Brod, injected patients with an anticoagulant substance known as heparin, excessive doses of which can cause internal bleeding and become lethal.

Life imprinsoment, issued by the court in Hradec Králové, is the most severe form of criminal punishment with the possibility of parole only after 30 years of imprisonment, that is in 2038.

Zelenka is going to be incarcerated in a higher security prison.

The criminal court panel head who stated the life sentence also said that Zelenka is obliged to pay compensation to the afflicted families. The killer´s intention was allegedly to kill the people.

When the sentence was being issued, Zelenka stood motionless staring at the ground.

However, some of the patients´ families will have to claim their compensation in a civil court.  

The accuser Lenka Faltusová requested a life sentence in her final speech.

"The defendant showed no respect for life and proved to be cold-blooded and unscrupulous having committed murder of seriously ill people. Instead of helping the patients, he made their illness ever worse. We cannot see it as anything but a physical liquidation of people who happened to be helpless at that moment," said Faltusová.



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