Fatal shooting was vendetta for paralyzed arms dealer

Karel Toman
11. 11. 2011 14:51
Shooter's brother, an influential arms dealer, was left paralyzed after mysterious hunting incident in 2008
The entrance to the company's compound
The entrance to the company's compound | Foto: Petr Protivánek

Kunovice - A former employee of Czech company called Aircraft Industries shot dead two senior managers of the firm before killing himself yesterday, on 10 November 2011.

A source close to the management of the company revealed to Aktualne.cz, a Czech online daily, the background of the tragedy as well as the likely motive of the killer.

Karel Musela, the alleged shooter, was not shooting randomly. He deliberately aimed only at Czech members of the board of directors, leaving out their Russian counterparts.

According to the source, Musela had worked for Aircraft Industries on a junior position in the investment department.

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Mysterious hunting incident

However, his brother Pavel was a member of the board, and also one of the most influential persons in the Czech arms industry.

Czech media also alleged that Pavel Musela was implicated in the Czech army's controversial purchase of Pandur armored personnel carriers. The deal is being investigated for corruption.

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Three years ago, Pavel Musela was gravely injured after falling from a high-seat during a still unexplained hunting incident. The fall left him paralyzed and with amnesia.

Eventually, Karel Musela - who was convinced that the incident was in fact an attempted murder - left the company.

This implies that Karel Musela was shooting in order to avenge his brother's fate.

Russian managers spared

Fifty-one percent of the shares of the company are owned by a Russian holding, the rest belongs to Pamco, a Czech firm. The two dead managers were linked to this company and, according to the source, had large influence in it.

"He knew who he was shooting at, because he was after them," said the source, who also expressed concerns about the future of Aircraft Industries.

The shooter killed the Czech half of the four-member board. "It will be difficult," said the well-informed source.

In addition, according to the information available to Aktualne.cz, the company's director Ilona Plšková suffered a light head injury by one of the bullets. "She was very lucky, it was a few millimeters away (from killing her)," a source from the hospital said to Aktualne.cz.

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