Extremists clash with police in Litvínov

Extremists clash with police in Litvínov
In the meantime, the Litvínov Roma suburb Janov saw a couple of hundreds of Romani waiting for the extremists to come. Their banners read "No one is more than you", "Children are innocent", "The world of color is more fun".
Experts and think-tanks have been long signalling that right-wing extremism is on the rise in the Czech Republic.
Far-right extremists mixed with inhabitants of Litvínov listened to speeches mostly made by the Workers' Party. Its chairman Tomáš Vandas said among other things that the Czech Republic should not become a "haven for all migrants in the world".
There was chaos and violence, smoke and tear gas, police cars set ablaze and numerous light injuries.
Foto: Tomáš Adamec
Tomáš Adamec
18. 11. 2008 21:10

Monday 17 November saw one of the biggest street violence in recent memory when hundreds of neo-Nazis clashed with police in Litvínov in northern Bohemia. Extremists from across the country, many of them fans of the Workers' Party planned to storm a Roma suburb but were in the end subdued by police. The violent and often bloody battle lasted over three hours and produced dozens of injuries on both sides and a number of arrests of far-right extremists.


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