Ex-President Klaus spoke at shady Le Cercle meeting

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1. 7. 2013 10:00
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Vaclav Klaus
Vaclav Klaus | Foto: Reuters

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Ex-President Klaus spoke at event of shady Le Cercle think-tank

Behind the scenes - Between June 20 and June 23, Klaus spoke at the annual London meeting of a somehow shady right-wing think-tank called Le Cercle (The Circle). His speech was called "Eastern Europe between a stagnating West and a fast-growing East".

According to Wikipedia, Le Cercle's members are former Western politicians and intelligence officers. Conspiracy theorists link Le Cercle to the Bilderberg Group and similar organizations... (read more here).


New player in Czech media market

Media - Agrofert owner Andrej Babis acquired last week Mafra, the publisher of MF Dnes, LN, Metro and other major newspapers. The acquisition is expected to allow Babis to back his political ambitions as well as influence Czech business.

But the Czech Republic's main media tycoon is Czech coal entrepreneur Zdenek Bakala, owner of the Economia publishing company who more recently also acquired Centrum Holdings and the Aktualne.cz online newspaper... (read more here).


Czech industrial hub dreads return of 2002 recession

Revealed - "The Ostrava area, together with Northern Bohemia, is the country's most endangered region," said Ostrava Mayor Petr Kajnar. If the most catastrophic scenarios occur, as much as 30,000 people will suddenly find themselves without jobs. "The unemployment rate would drop to the level of around 2002. And back than, the situation was really bad," said Kajnar.

In 2002, the Moravian-Silesian Region had a 19 percent unemployment rate... (read more here).




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