EU to be reformed soon: Czech leader signs the Treaty

3. 11. 2009 16:05
Following today´s Constitutional Court verdict, Václav Klaus ratifies the EU reform treaty
Czech President Václav Klaus at today's televised press conference
Czech President Václav Klaus at today's televised press conference | Foto: Ludvík Hradilek

Prague - Czech President Václav Klaus signed the Lisbon Treaty today at 3 pm, being the last European leader to ratify it.

One hour later he held a televised press conference during which he said he had expected the verdict to be in favor of the Lisbon treaty. He respects the ruling but he does not agree with it.

"The treaty's enforcement will limit the Czech Republic's sovereignty, regardless the Constitutional Court's verdict," he told journalists.

Klaus found only sharp words for the judges, marking their behavior as "obstructive" and their verdict as "politically motivated".

Klaus's approval of the charter came several hours after the Czech Constitutional Court ruled the treaty does not infringe the country's constitution.

The European Union leaders welcomed the Court's decision as well as Klaus's ratification. Head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said the last hurdle was removed. 

"I think that the transformational potential that is there, the new external profile for the European Union, will be felt immediately," he said in Washington where he is attending the  EU-US summit.

The union is now closer to carrying out the overhaul of its institutions.

Following the major enlargement in the past few years and in light of rising powers like China and India, the  27-nation bloc is in desperate need to gain a more powerful position in global affairs, the EU leaders and treaty supporters say.

The opponents claim the charter gives too many national powers to Brussels.

The treaty is expected to come into force as of December 1.


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