Czech wanted tax evader does business remotely

18. 8. 2008 0:10
Runaway Tomáš Pitr is sentenced to 5 years in prison

Prague - Those who like to play golf in Karlštejn, about 40 km north-west of Prague, may be surprised to find out the current owner of the golf club is Tomáš Pitr, a controversial Czech entrepreneur, wanted by Czech authorities and in hiding at un unknown place.

Pitr, sentenced to five years in prison for tax evasion, has been proved to be still active in business on Czech soil.  He buys and sells properties through companies seated in the Carribean.

The Karlštejn golf club has recently changed an owner and all information available to Aktuálně.cz indicate the current owner of the golf club is the infamous tax evader Pitr.

Caribbean tax haven

Until July this year, the golf course belonged to Lusaka company that is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Carribean sea.

According to the Czech trade registry, the facility is currently owned by Fireworks Limited firm that comes from Anguilla, also registered in the Carribean.

A reliable police source that is familiar with the case confirmed to Aktuálně.cz that both companies are closely linked to Tomáš Pitr.

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Unwanted media attention?

The reason why the facility in Karlštejn changed its owner may be that Czech media have recently informed that Pitr who is on the run controls his companies in the Czech Republic through the Lusaka company.

Other evidence hinting the link between Pitr and Karlštejn golf facility is right at hand; Miloš Hrubý and Ivo Alfred Meiera from Switzerland sit on the Executive Board of Karlštejn Golf resort.

Both Piter and Hrubý were members of the Agrocredit Board and both were charged by police for business in this company.

Moreover, Hrubý is in the Executive Board of the Energy company that supplies energy to Setuza, Czech food industry giant, which once used to be a flagship of Pitr's business "empire".

Aktuálně.cz informed earlier that it was precisely the Energy firm through which Pitr controlled the Setuza business.

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International pursuit

An international warrant has been issued against Tomáš Pitr who is accused of tax evasion in an 13-year ago case. Together with his three accomplices, Tomáš Pitr allegedly defrauded CZK 51 million (more than EUR 2 million).

At first, he denied being guilty and avoided his jail sentence, allegedly due to mental problems.

Since last year's June, his whereabouts are unknown. Czech police is avoiding any comments over his case.

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autor: Markéta Chaloupská, Adam Junek | 18. 8. 2008 0:10

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