Czech President to speak on climate change in NYC

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29. 2. 2008 11:40
Václav Klaus to attend int´l conference on the issue
Off to New York again soon to attend a conference on climate change
Off to New York again soon to attend a conference on climate change | Foto: Ludvík Hradilek

Prague - Some might see it as a case of culprit returning to the scene of crime, others - including the "culprit" in question - as one more attempt of a brave non-conformist to make the rest of the world come to senses.

Czech President Václav Klaus announced his plan to visit the United States in coming days to attend a debate in New York on climate change, an issue he feels passionate about but in a rather different way than most environmental activists whom he calls alarmists and accuses them of undermining freedom of incidivuals.

"President Václav Klaus will attend the International Conference on Climate Change between 2 to 4 March 2008 in New York. He will present a speech titled "From Climate Alarmism to Climate Realism", says president´s web site (also available in English).

Zedz na Trafačce
Zedz na Trafačce | Foto: GHMP

The last international conference in New York president Klaus spoke at was dedicated to the same topic and was organized by the United Nations in September last year. 


President Klaus addresses a UN conference on climate change in New York

At the UN conference Klaus presented his views of global warming and climate change, with which the Czech public is already familiar but which could (and on occasions does) strike people abroad as somewhat unusual: according to Klaus there are no scientific proofs of global warming and the global community need not worry about it.  

President Klaus also touched on environmental issues, which he believes are being blown out of proportion by various "alarmists", in his speech before he was re-elected president two weeks ago.



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