Czech Neo-Nazis call for new march in Pilsen

National news reporters and Naďa Straková
20. 2. 2008 16:50
Extreme rightists advise not to communicate with media
We won´t let our freedoms violated!
We won´t let our freedoms violated! | Foto: Naďa Straková

Prague/Pilsen - A neo-Nazi site is calling for a march, which is to take place in Pilsen on 1 March.

"No camouflage clothing, no bottled beer and no communication with media," says the invitation published on the right-wing extremists´ web site.

The far-right extremists are to gather at 2 or 2.30 p.m. at the Emil Škoda Square downtown Pilsen.

Pilsen filed a complaint

The march organizers also recommend their followers to bring black flags.

"Leave everything else at home. We will welcome only banners with slogans of nationalist organizations but only those that do not violate the law and those that cannot give the authorities reason to ban the march," says the invitation.

Originally, the neo-Nazis protest march was to take place on 19 January 2008, the anniversary of the first transport of Pilsen´s Jews to an interment camp, but the mayor of Pilsen Pavel Roedl (Civic Democrats) banned the demonstration two days before it was to take place.

Later the regional court in Pilsen issued a ruling that Roedl´s ban was not justified, stating there were no reasons to ban the march.

Thus the march organizers could call for another protest march, which is to take place 1 March.

Roedl has again filed a complaint against the court's ruling. Should his complaint be evaluated as justified, the march could be temporarily banned again.

January meeting

The planned meeting of the far-right extremists did take place on 19 January in Prague.

The meeting of about 200 extremists took place in front of the Memorial to František Palacký, which is Prague´s Speakers Corner where public speaking is allowed without a need to obtain permission from the authorities.

The neo-Nazis gathered there to deliver a few speeches and to demonstrate against the alleged freedom of speech violation by the authorities in the Czech Republic.

The meeting was calm and no incidents were reported.



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