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Czech farmers to stage a protest and slow down traffic

3. 10. 2008 15:45
Agriculturists oppose government´s budget cuts
Foto: Ondřej Besperát

Prague - Czech farmers are not happy about the Agriculture Ministry's budget cuts. On Friday, they decided to stage a protest  Monday 13 October.

From 8 a.m to 10 a.m. Czech farmers will hit the roads in their tractors in order to slow down traffic, according to the protest scenario drafted by the Crisis Management of the Agrarian Chamber.

It will not be as big, though, as the protest plan the Agrarian Chamber originally had in mind, which was to block the roads completely. But that plan of action could lead to legal violations. The tractors will instead drive slowly to slow down the traffic.

"We cannot say how many farmers will join the protest, but it will be quite massive. All regions will join in," said Jan Veleba, the head of the chamber.

Nevertheless, a total collapse of the traffic across the country is not likely. Veleba told Aktuálně.cz that the D1 highway will stay clear. "Unless someone loses his nerves," said Veleba.

Czech agrarians decided to hold the protest after Prime Minister Topolánek´s government announced budget cuts for all ministries. According to the agrarians, the Agriculture Ministry´s budget is the lowest. It is the CZK 3 billion budget cut in direct payments that bothers the farmers most.


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