Anti-radar initiative accused of anti-semitism

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10. 7. 2008 11:45
League Against Anti-Semitism calls them extremists
Anti-radar activists during a rally in Prague
Anti-radar activists during a rally in Prague | Foto: Tomáš Adamec, Aktuálně.cz

Prague - The League Against Anti-Semitism will file a charge against the anti-US radar initiative ´NE základnám´ (NO to bases).

The league claims that the initiative´s web site contained a link to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an infamous anti-Semitic forgery produced by the Imperial Russia's secret services at the beginning of the 20th century.

"Despite numerous reports and protests, the link on the Protocols was removed only very recently," the league stated in their press release signed Fedor Gál, František Kostlán and Věra Tydlidátová.

Fascism, left-wing extremism, Islamism

"This infamously notorious falsification, made by Russian czar´s guard in order to promote pogroms against Jews, is among the basic pillars of the fascist ideology, and present-day neo-Nazi organizations use it as their ideological arsenal. Similar anti-Semitic literature is currently published only at neo-Nazi, fascist, racist or Islamist websites," warned the league.

The watchdog organization also alleged that extreme leftist groups have been involved in the NE základnám initiative. Among them is the  Humanist Party (part of the international Humanist Movement), ultra-leftist group Nový Směr (New Direction), International Peace Movement of the Czech Republic and some minor leftist groupings.

"In March this year, NE základnám spokesmen attended the Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum. Among main protagonists of this conference were, for example, Egyptian Islamist extremists from the notorious organization Muslim Brotherhood," claimed the league in their release. 

Initiative: Mere defamation efforts

The initiative reacted promptly to the accusations, calling them absurd and unjustified. At their website, the representatives of the umbrella association explained that link to the "Protocols" was in a blog section of the page which doesn't express official views of the initiative.

The blog with the controversial link was deactivated immediately after it was reported, claimed the initiative, adding that they have never registered any reports or protests by the League Against Anti-Semitism.

The initiative's representatives added that many of their activists participated in a large anti-Nazi rally in November 2007.

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"Interestingly, these accusations come on the day of the protests against the signing of the US defense missile treaty in Prague," state the NE základnám representatives on their web site.

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"From our point of view, it is yet another groundless attack to defame the name of the initiative and divert attention from the main problem which is the issue of a foreign military base in the Czech Republic," explained the initiative, adding that it may consider charging the league with slander, were such attacks to continue.

The issue of left-wing extremism and conference in Cairo was not mentioned.


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