Angela Merkel meets with Czech PM Nečas on energy, EU

3. 4. 2012
Foto: Jan Langer
Germany does not pressure Czech Republic to sign EU fiscal pact, said Merkel

Prague - German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Czech capital today to meet with Czech PM Petr Nečas .

The main topic of their meeting was energy. While the Czech Republic is currently preparing the multi-billion expansion of its Temelín nuclear plant, Germany wants to close all its nuclear plants by 2022. 

However, during the press conference Merkel and Nečas said they respect each other's views.

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Another issue discussed by Merkel and Nečas was the EU, which is a rather controversial topic especially after the Czech rejection of the EU fiscal pact proposed by Germany and France.

"Germany does not pressure the Czech Republic to sign the treaty on fiscal union," said Merkell.

Nečas said that in terms of fiscal responsibility, the Czech Republic supports the pact's principles and "practically fulfills its provisions". He even called the Czech Republic a "shadow signatory" of the treaty.

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After meeting with PM Nečas, Merkel visited Czech President Václav Klaus. While President Klaus is famous for his critical opinions on the European integration, Merkel is a proponent of deeper political integration in Europe.

Merkel and Nečas also attended a discussion with college students at the  Charles University of Prague. The topic was the future of Europe.

Roughly 200 police officers were mobilized to ensure security during the chancellor's visit to Prague.

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