Aggressive drivers to be disciplined by TV ads

Markéta Chaloupská and Ivan Eckhardt
3. 7. 2008 9:00
Spots will show real stories
Peugeot prorazil po střetu svodidla.
Peugeot prorazil po střetu svodidla. | Foto: Hasičský záchranný sbor Jihomoravského kraje

Prague - Czech police will present a new, emotional advertising campaign aimed at aggressive driving.

"We want to medialize actions of traffic police as much as possible, to prepare drivers for summer holiday traffic, to analyze individual events," explained Transport Ministry spokesperson Karel Hanzelka. 

"Our goal is to target drivers' emotions through media and to influence their behavior this way," added Hanzelka. The campaign will show real stories of accidents.

Real stories: Nothing to laugh at

Every Monday during the summer, the ministry will present a summary of previous week's traffic events. In addition, it will present video clips made by an advertisement company, the name of which has not been revealed yet.

"We have not fulfilled all necessary legal conditions yet to make the name of the company public," explained the ministry´s spokesperson. The reason behind this is that other companies, who did not win the bid, could appeal against the decision.

The ministry also did not reveal what exactly it will show in the TV spots. "It should not be funny. It will be mainly very realistic and emotional," explained Ivana Jelínková from the Transport Ministry.

The ads will be shot during the summer and they will be aired after the holidays. No specific term has been set yet, though it is not going to be sooner than in October.

Freudian approach as solution?

The ministry informed that it was inspired by Anglo-Saxon countries.

The truth is that the problem of car accidents is a universal one, and all countries try to tackle it - some, in quite original ways.

In Israel, the government aimed at nothing smaller than man's ego. Israeli highways were lined with billboards saying: "Scientific research shows that aggressive drivers have smaller genitals".


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